There is no doubt that the situation with COVID-19 is one of the biggest crises our generation has faced. Widespread anxiety and concern for the welfare of ourselves, our loved ones and countless others around the world is at an all time high. Our day-to-day life has seen considerable changes & we continue to live in very uncertain times.

Where can we find an inner source of strength and refuge?

1) Register for live streamed meditation classes at our centre

Click the picture to register for live streamed meditation classes at our centre. We offer two  classes per week:

Tuesday 7.30pm (suitable for beginners & those with experience of meditation)

Wednesday 7.30pm (ideal for those who want to go deeper in exploring Buddhist belief & practice)

We may add additional classes and events in the future so please keep checking for updates.

2) Listen to a Kadampa Podcast

Manjushri KMC, the home of the NKT-IKBU in England, offers short podcasts with teachings for maintaining a peaceful mind during challenging times. Click the picture to access these free teachings. Enjoy listening to some of our most experienced teachers : Gen La Kelsang Dekyong (General Spiritual Director of NKT- IKBU, student of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche for over thirty years, sincerely training under his guidance in all aspects of Kadam Dharma.

Gen La Kelsang Thubten who teaches internationaly and is renowned for his ability to present the many deep meanings that are contained in Venerable Geshe-la’s books and to show how to integrate them into daily life.

3) Meditate at home

Click on the picture to find free 10 minute guided meditation, from our publisher of Buddhist books, artwork and guided meditation, Tharpa Publications – advice for getting started and lots of short video clips of teachings to be inspired by.

These videos explain why having a relaxed and peaceful mind is the only way in which we can experience pure happiness all the time, regardless of external circumstances, and is the best way to benefit others.