How To Understand the Mind Wednesdays 7.30pm

Each class is self-contained so you can drop-in at any time.

No need to book, just come along, relax and enjoy.


Whether we have a good day or bad day depends upon our mind as our mind is the creator of everything. 

‘Happiness and suffering are states of mind so their main causes are not to be found outside the mind. If  we really want to be truly happy and free from suffering we must improve our understanding of the mind.’          Ven Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

In these classes, Gen Kelsang Dema will help us to deepen our understanding of the mind so that we can let go of negative minds that are the source of our suffering  and  learn to cultivate light, positive minds that will allow us to live a happy, peaceful and meaningful life.

Each class is self-contained so it does not matter if you have not attended a class before.

The class starts with guided prayers that really enhance our meditation practice by preparing our mind for successful meditation.  Just engaging in the prayers helps us to feel  happier and connects us with our potential for deep inner peace and relaxation.

These classes can be attended via a live stream or as an audio recording. 

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our Resident teacher

Gen Kelsang Dema

Resident Teacher at Chenrezig Buddhist Centre

Gen Kelsang Dema, resident teacher of Chenrezig Kadampa Buddhist Centre, has been a disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for 16 years.

She teaches in a very practical, clear and down-to-earth manner enabling people to easily apply newly gained knowledge in their daily life. Her good sense of humour and a relaxed manner come through in her illuminating teaching style.


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